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Dark Sides Part 9: A shaky alliance
*A/N* alright so simultaneous with writing this story, I'm also tackling AP United States History. For those who don't know, it is a college level course and incredibly hard. updates may become less frequent because I also have Algebra II. SCREW YOU SCHOOL! But on a better note I am also in Writing Club at my school. That's right some awesome people at my school made a club for creative writers! so I can get some practice and tips in there on how to improve my writing :) anyways, here's the long postponed part 9!
*Dark POV*
I felt anger rising within me as I listened through Y/N's door. Did I hear right? Anti didn't take care of Jack? Does he not realize how our plan is in jeopardy!? Maybe he chickened out. I sighed. He was a bit young in the fandom to have feelings of murder anyway. I didn't think he'd pull off a good murder. I'd have to take care of Jack on my own. As for Anti, that traitor...he would rot in hell for his idiocy. I heard him approach the door a
:iconkarathegamer:KaraTheGamer 21 6
Part 8: Alone With The Dark
A/N: Who do you think this chapter's gonna be about? *wink wink* Also I forgot to mention, Dark and Anti can appear separately if they store enough energy in themselves (aka staying dormant) BOOPER DOOPER!
*your POV*
I faced to the window on my bed, staring at the rain that constantly seemed to pour
'Jack...I miss you...please be okay...' I thought wrapping my arms around myself in a self-hug (A/N: Look I do this when I'm sad). A tear slid down my face as I buried my head in my folded arms. I shuddered at the thought of Jack being...gone
"It's gonna be OK, it's gonna be...oh who am I kidding?" I tried to calm myself "It can't get any worse than this, right?"
"Hey princess" I heard Dark come in. I stand corrected. I could feel his presence behind me. I didn't look away from the window. I felt his hand pat my head in affection and heard him set a plate of food down on the table by my bed
"Baby you really need to eat something" Dark said picking up
:iconkarathegamer:KaraTheGamer 25 7
Dark Sides Part 6: A reason to Kill
*Authors note* Hey guys! Due to popular request here is Part 6. Also thank you sooooo much for all the support and comments! I'm so happy you guys love this! On with the story!
*Anti's POV*
I knocked on Dark's door
"Dark? Dude you ok?" I asked
His door opened and he stuck his head out. He looked terrible. It had been two days since the fight. Dark looked like he hadn't slept since then. The circles under his eyes were darker than usual. His hair was a mess and he was shaking as if he had way too much coffee
"Dude!" I said shocked
"Anti get in here" Dark pulled me in by my sweatshirt's drawstring
"Dark what's up?" I said fixing my hood. I looked at his desk and my jaw dropped
"Welcome to the plan" Dark said putting his hand on my shoulder. I looked at the papers covering it. They were full of possibilities of killing Jack
"Dark...this is not healthy" I told him looking at some of the gruesome ideas he had
"Anti, you don't get it. You're new to this whole fandom thing. You let Jack off e
:iconkarathegamer:KaraTheGamer 26 20
Dark Sides Part 3: Mark, meet Anti. Jack meet Dark
My phone rings again with Mark's number. I'm terrified of that sound. Dark or Anti will probably call and threaten me more, or don't think about the 'worse'
"Hello?" I answered shakily
"Y/N it's Mark. Are you alright? They didn't hurt you did they!? I swear-" Mark said
"Mark it's ok, it's ok. I'm not hurt. What the hell was that!?" I asked
He sighed "Dark is real Y/N. I probably should've told you and Jack this a long time ago, but he is real. Normally, I've got him under control but lately-"
"Jack's got that too. Some other side, and it's not nice" I explained
"What? Do you mean like Dark?" He said
"Yeah. Like...AntiSepticEye or something like that" I said
"This is bad. They're friends now?" He asked
"Yeah. Mark I'm scared something's gonna happen to you or Jack!" I told him worried
"Don't worry. Dark can't do anything to me without hurting himself" Mark said
"I hope the same rules apply to AntiSepticEye" I said
"I think it's a good house" I said admiring our min
:iconkarathegamer:KaraTheGamer 29 37
Dark Sides Part 1: Stay Online
Hey guys this is a fanfic I've thought about posting. It includes Darkiplier & AntiSepticEye vs. Markiplier, JackSepticEye, & the reader aka you! I'm hoping this'll go over as well as my Darkiplier Fanfiction I'm still continuing. Here it is!
Jack where are you?" I taunted. Mark, Jack and I were playing prop hunt together late at night
"I'm nowhere. I'm invisible" Jack said
I walked in the next room and noticed something odd
"Hey Mark? You got a grenade left?" I asked
"Did you find him?" Mark asked
"As far as I know dressers do not have other dressers stuck inside of them" I laughed
"Fuck!" Jack yelled trying to break free
"Haaaabooshki!" Mark yelled bursting into the room and exploding everything
'Hunters Win' flashed across the top of the screen
"Well I think that's enough for me tonight" Mark said disconnecting from the game
"Ok Mark. You wanna play TTT tomorrow?" I asked
"Sure. Goodbye guys" he said exiting the call
"You wanna play one versus one?" Jack asked
"Bring i
:iconkarathegamer:KaraTheGamer 55 9
DarkSeptiplier by darkPegasista by PONYdBRONY DarkSeptiplier by darkPegasista :iconponydbrony:PONYdBRONY 117 9 -Antiseptiplier/Danti- by Septic-Penguin-101 -Antiseptiplier/Danti- :iconseptic-penguin-101:Septic-Penguin-101 21 0 Darkiplier Progress Gif by starridge Darkiplier Progress Gif :iconstarridge:starridge 30 3 either way you chose you cannot win by starridge either way you chose you cannot win :iconstarridge:starridge 122 18


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